The Mountain Does Not Bow




To the Parlor!

I am currently working on a show for Parlor Gallery in New Jersey that will be opening on Saturday, September 13th. Here are some progress shots of a few pieces that will be exhibited!






The Beautiful: Contemporary Images of America

“All That Remains” will be available for your viewing pleasure in the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art at the California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA from now until September 11. There will be an opening reception that I will be attending on June 7th, 6-8pm.

“Referencing the iconic patriotic song “America the Beautiful,” this exhibition gives a small but
powerful glimpse of the enormity and “the beautiful” that reside in American life, in the ordinary and in the monumental.”

Though I don’t work with any direct cultural themes, I aim for a feeling of nostalgia and longing that’s flavored with vulnerability. The work is always about a journey of self discovery and flux which mimics the cultural identity of America, since our country is comprised of so many different cultural backgrounds, and the similarities in individual experiences make a collective identity. The American Spirit, to me, is very much about searching for a place to belong and finding somewhere to sow and grow. “All That Remains” belongs to a body of work titled Come Home. The collection of images dealt with the exploration of birth and death in a metaphorical sense, which was summed up nicely by the Kerouac quote, “The one thing that we yearn for in our living days, that makes us sigh and groan and undergo sweet nauseas of all kinds, is the remembrance of some lost bliss that was probably experienced in the womb and can only be reproduced (thought we hate to admit it) in death.”





Interview with Empty Kingdom

Thank you Empty Kingdom for the chance to do this lovely interview!

Empty Kingdom


New Studio. New Work.

I’ve moved into a new studio space and the dust of settling in has finally calmed. Here is a drawing for a new painting I will starting on very soon for a show opening in May.